Staying positive as a musician

Since I returned to the world of music in 2014 I have had up times and down times. It feels like it’s been months of hard work with occasional fleeting hopeful moments. Logically I know this is normal, but knowing doesn’t make it any easier. I feel time slipping by quickly without major accomplishments that would help keep me going. Staying positive as a musician

Recording music at home

I’m feeling this vlogging thing. Seems dorky at times (yes I’m talking about you, selfie stick), but I love the DIY nature of making my own videos. And when it’s done well it can be super engaging (see Casey Neistat for example). I started off trying to film and edit the videos on my iPhone but Recording music at home

On-location recordings of acoustic music on YouTube

YouTube is a great source of recordings of live acoustic music.  There are a bunch of channels dedicated to filming musicians in different locations, some in studios, some in random bedrooms or outdoors in parks. Sure, music that’s recorded in studios is nice, but live acoustic performances have a spontaneous rawness that can be lost in the hours of overdubs On-location recordings of acoustic music on YouTube

Talking about age and music

I’ve been thinking about how my age might affect my re-entry into the music world. I’m not that old, and I don’t feel old. But I’m old enough that it makes me wonder if there are other musicians who had some “success” with their music later in life without building a music career through their 30s and Talking about age and music