Noah Beil is an indie songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who lives in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. He is recording his first album.




Playing at KC Turner Open Mic Wednesday

A month ago I planned to sign up for an open mic that KC Turner was putting together at Doc's Lab in North Beach in San Francisco, but it filled up in[...]

Staying positive as a musician

Since I returned to the world of music in 2014 I have had up times and down times. It feels like it's been months of hard work with occasional fleetin[...]

Recording music at home

I'm feeling this vlogging thing. Seems dorky at times (yes I'm talking about you, selfie stick), but I love the DIY nature of making my own videos. An[...]

On-location recordings of acoustic music on YouTube

YouTube is a great source of recordings of live acoustic music.  There are a bunch of channels dedicated to filming musicians in different locations, [...]

Talking about age and music

I've been thinking about how my age might affect my re-entry into the music world. I'm not that old, and I don't feel old. But I'm old enough that it [...]